• Destination Coromandel

Driving traveller preference for an RTO through clever, cost-effective digital activity.

Destination Coromandel is the RTO for one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand, but often find themselves working with more limited resources than the big destinations like Rotorua and Queenstown. Because of this, it is important for them to get amazing reach in the most cost-effective channel – digital.

Looking after the Thames and Hauraki districts means that Destination Coromandel has a lot of towns to cover, and a lot of operators to keep happy. Their key off-season campaign in 2018 was “The Coromandel – Good for your Soul” [link: https://www.thecoromandel.com/activities/goodforyoursoul/]. Supported by Maverick Digital, this campaign was intended to highlight the rest & relaxation opportunities available to those who venture into the region during the winter.

Regional Tourism New Zealand Award for Online Performance.
Destination Coromandel – Winners

“Having a strong digital platform allows us to compete with bigger destinations that are better resourced,” – Destination Coromandel’s Marketing Manager Megan Nunn.

“We’re very grateful to RTNZ for the recognition. Our digital channels, particularly thecoromandel.com are a result of years of hard work from the team and we’re delighted with the win.”

Platform – Google Ads

When trying to reach the widest possible Audience for a digital campaign, Google Ads is the obvious choice. Google Search has a 96% market share in NZ, and their display network covers millions of websites and apps used daily by New Zealanders. There is no other platform that even comes close to if in sheer volume of users.

With this in mind, we needed to use a two-prong approach to helping Destination Coromandel drive preference in their Good For Your Soul winter campaign. Google Display to target specific audience segments, and Google Search to find holiday-planners.

Display Dominance

One of the many strengths of the Google Display Network is the ability to drill down into audience segments based on interests and active shopping intent. This was a perfect match for the Good For Your Soul campaign which focused on the relaxing and enjoyable aspects of The Coromandel – luxury spa treatments, great dining and wine, and healthy living.

We were able to serve display ads 1 Million times to very specific audiences, with incredibly low cost-per-click.

Selective Search

Part of driving preference is targeting an audience who just don’t quite know what they want. In the case of Good For Your Soul, it was those who knew they wanted to go on local holidays or road-trips, without quite knowing where.

By using this approach, we were able to get our Good For Your Soul messaging in front of 20,000 holiday-planners, ensuring that the Coromandel was a top contender for anyone in the Coromandel drive zone who was researching a winter escape! Clever and compelling creative ensured that click-through rates were well above industry standard throughout the campaign.